Who Are We?

Gasparilla Pirate Poster is a local project we started to create a Poster each year for Gasparilla Pirate Festival that truly does the event justice.  In our initial search a few years ago for a poster to hang on our wall for the event, we did not find anything.  So we created the project.  We did not want to simply design a poster ourselves, print it and hang it on the wall, so we opening it up to local designers to submit concepts each year to win and get printed for that year.  Anyone, from anywhere can submit a design but only one gets printed.

Limited Prints

2012 Poster Sold


2013 Poster Sold


2014 Poster Sold


The Making of a Gasparilla Pirate Poster

Creative Motion Inc

Creative Motion Inc


We are a small creative agency dedicated to developing authentic content. We are united by our passion for the creative & love for cookies and milk.

Gasparilla Pirate Poster & Gasparilla Glass are designed to mark each years Gasparilla Pirate Festival. We offer limited edition Prints & Glasses.

Nick Gulick, Creative Motion Inc.